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Pharmacie Coffee

Puly Verde Grind Sachets — 10x15g

100% organic, gluten-free coffee grinder blade and grinder chamber cleaner. Cleans the internal grinder blades without having to readjust the grinder blades, it is the only product to do this and saves huge amounts of time and effort.

  • 100% organic and safely removes all coffee oil and residue
  • The only product that cleans without having to readjust the blades
  • Produces better crema, improves aroma, gives better taste

Pack of 10 x 15g sachets

Puly Cleaning Products

A clean coffee machine makes better tasting coffee, has a longer working life and costs less to maintain. As with any piece of finely engineered machinery, you only get out what you put in.

Even the best-trained barista in the country will struggle with a poorly cleaned machine. Every part has to be kept pristine, preventing the build up of milk, coffee and water deposits that eventually smother the potential for great tasting coffee.

Puly is the world leader in cleaning materials specifically for the espresso and cappuccino markets. The Puly parent company, Asachimici, was founded in 1890 and the Puly cleaning range was launched in 1960.  It’s a great heritage and no other company understands the coffee industry better.

There is a Puly cleaning solution for every part of your coffee making process and all products are fully tested to stringent international safety standards. Every part of the machine your coffee comes into contact with is guaranteed to be ‘beyond clean’ giving you the purest tasting coffee possible.

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Puly Verde Grind Sachets — 10x15g