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Weighing up your options for wholesale coffee?

Whatever your level of skill and knowledge, Pharmacie can provide you with everything you'll need to get brewing delicious coffee for an ever discerning coffee drinking public.

We source the coffees that we would like to drink ourselves and either buy them directly from the farms or work with green coffee importers who do so for us. All of our coffees are completely traceable and quite often have unique and inspiring stories behind them.

We understand that choosing a great coffee supplier is an important choice so we make it our business to be as flexible and supportive as possible. We work with all manner of coffee superstars - from cafes and restaurants to cinemas, offices, street vendors, pubs and more. We've got over 40 years of direct coffee industry experience between us and our goal is to work with anyone who loves and wants to serve good coffee.

If you think this might be your calling, give us a shout on the form below!

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