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Pharmacie Coffee

Luz Mely Sanchez, PERU - Filter roast

PRODUCER: Luz Mely Sanchez

PROCESS: washed

VARIETAL: caturra

ALTITUDE: 1000-1200 MASL

Tasting Notes:    juicy notes of papaya, honeysuckle and winegums, light and mild with a smooth caramel body

About The Coffee 

Luz and Roger, proud owners of a 3-hectare coffee farm in the picturesque El Diamante village of San Jose de Lourdes district, located near the border with Ecuador, are dedicated to cultivating exceptional coffee. Their farm sits at an elevation above 1900 meters above sea level, providing optimal growing conditions. Alongside Luz and Roger, their extended family also cultivates coffee in the area, and together they manage their farms as a collective unit.

While each family member owns their own plot of land, Roger takes charge of the meticulous processes involved in picking, processing, and drying the coffee. Cherries are carefully hand-picked at their peak of ripeness to ensure the best flavor potential. These ripe cherries undergo an initial pre-fermentation stage, macerating overnight in bags. This process allows for enhanced flavor development. Subsequently, the cherries are depulped and undergo a fermentation period of 24 to 36 hours, which may vary depending on weather conditions. This extended fermentation, coupled with cherry maceration, contributes to a pronounced fruited note that beautifully complements the coffee's inherent citric acidity, a characteristic that flourishes at high altitudes.

Once the coffee reaches an ideal moisture content below 11%, it is meticulously dried inside a well-ventilated greenhouse on a wooden patio lined with a protective layer of plastic. This drying method ensures a consistent and controlled environment, allowing the coffee to reach its optimal flavor profile. After achieving the desired moisture level, Roger transports the coffee to Jaén, where it is delivered to the Falcon Coffees Peru warehouse.

Through the dedication and expertise of Luz, Roger, and their family, this coffee embodies the distinctive flavors and characteristics of the region. The high-altitude terroir, meticulous processing, and collective efforts of the family contribute to a cup of coffee that offers a pronounced fruited note and a delightful citric acidity.

We are delighted to offer this exceptional coffee, meticulously crafted by Luz, Roger, and their family, who share a deep passion for their land and the art of coffee cultivation.


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Luz Mely Sanchez, PERU - Filter roastLuz Mely Sanchez, PERU - Filter roastLuz Mely Sanchez, PERU - Filter roastLuz Mely Sanchez, PERU - Filter roastLuz Mely Sanchez, PERU - Filter roast