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Pharmacie Coffee

Korongo, TANZANIA — Espresso Roast

PRODUCER: smallholder farmers

PROCESS: Fully washed

REGION: Mbozi, Mbeya & Mbinga

VARIETY: Blend of Blue Mountain, Bourbon, SL28, Typica

ALTITUDE:  1600 - 1900 MASL

Tasting Notes: Raspberry and tropical fruit with a creamy fudge body and long lasting finish.

About The Coffee 

The flamingo, called Korongo in Swahili, stands out for its unique, bright pink colouring. It may not be pink, but like the flamingo, our Korongo blend immediately attracts attention with its pronounced sweetness, full body and prominent acidity.

The Korongo blend (named for the Swahili word for flamingo) is sourced from a network of washing stations across Mbozi, Mbeya & Mbinga, in Tanzania’s Southern Highlands.

Korongo showcases Tanzania’s true potential, offering a consistent, fully traceable 84+ SCA cup available in large volumes. Vertical-integration and whole-harvest sourcing enable Sucafina to source Korongo at an accessible price that supports producer resilience. Korongo displays the best of Tanzanian flavour profiles with a full body, pronounced sweetness and prominent acidity.

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Korongo, TANZANIA — Espresso RoastKorongo, TANZANIA — Espresso RoastKorongo, TANZANIA — Espresso RoastKorongo, TANZANIA — Espresso Roast